Prayer Warriors

Things To Be Praying For Currently:

1. My family. It was  a really tough year in the O’Hara Clan.  There are a lot of personal things going on under the surface in each one of us.  Especially with the passing of our Grandma Lillian (My Dad’s mom) and our sweet Uncle Raymond (My mom’s uncle), my uncle Jeff’s passing, overall it has been one tough thing after another.  It is hard to live so far away, however I was blessed to be able to be back for my grandma’s funeral.  I missed my  uncle Raymond’s by a few days, however saw lots of lovely pictures from the car show and memorial.  I was able to be with my uncle Jeff during his sudden passing this past June. It was difficult to go home to that but it was so worth being there for my family and being together through it all.

2. Safety, Health & Protection for all of our AIS staff.  Health has been a major battle as always when you are living in a different climate.  Pray for good health for all of our staff.  That people would be free from Malaria, Rashes, Typhoid, Sinus Infections, Colds, etc.  We definitely need the Holy Spirit’s protection in our lives.

3. Relationships built outside of AIS.  It gives me an opportunity to create even more of a community here in Ghana whether it is through wednesday night basketball at another local school with parents, teachers, and administration from that school or even church events at Hope City, or our women’s basketball team.  Regardless there has been some great opportunities to build new relationships outside of our AIS daily life.  My prayer is that these people would want to know what it is that is so different about our AIS family and why we really do enjoy our jobs so much!

4. Huge praise! Our school won the court case! Thank you for all the continued prayers in this department.  All of the legal stuff is finished but now we are rebuilding and moving forward.  It is going to be a phenomenal year.

5. Finances.  Not necessarily for me personally (all though we all know I can always use plane ticket money haha) but more so for our school as we move forward. Pray that the Lord would bring the right students and families to our school and funding would be provided through various means.


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