A Bad Break-Up

“Every time things pipe down around here, it’s because there is something consuming going on that I’m not ready to share with the Internet yet. In this space, I share my thoughts and observations about the world. It follows, then, that when my world is permeated by a thing I can’t share, there is radio […]

Two weeks and counting

It is quite scary to think that my first year here in Ghana is coming to a screeching halt in two weeks.  I am not even sure where to begin honestly with this post.  Ok well honestly I should be grading senior final exams, packing for the senior trip I am chaperoning, or getting ready […]

No Water!

Before you go thinking this is a waste of time because of the title and you are probably thinking: “Well Heather lives in Africa, she should be used to no water,” please let me shed some light on the situation. We have exactly two massive black poly tanks that hold water.  These water towers are […]


The first member voted off of Survivor: Ghana is… dramatic drumroll…Heather O’Hara! Just kidding! I wish that I could say that our two week J Term survivor course was just as dramatic as the t.v. show however…well I take that back there were definitely dramatic moments and I definitely wanted to vote a few people […]

Laughable Moments

      Ghana (and the Lord) has a way of keeping me humble.  Last week I was making breakfast for dinner with my roommates and best friend Natalie.  We had just got done discovering that somehow the bugs had managed to get through the Ziploc bag that was double layered and into the box of […]

I’m Not Sorry

Today is my last morning in South Africa before heading back to Ghana.  My friend and I went to the mall to pick up a few last minute things.  You know the kind of things you want to smuggle back into a country that charges way too much for granola bars, toiletries, gum, candy, you […]

Spirit of Thanksgiving

The past two months have been a whirlwind with school well underway, afterschool activities, and much more going on here in Accra.  With that said though there is no excuse for my silence over the past two months.  I am sorry if you feel like we had a bad break up and I am that […]