The first member voted off of Survivor: Ghana is… dramatic drumroll…Heather O’Hara!

Just kidding! I wish that I could say that our two week J Term survivor course was just as dramatic as the t.v. show however…well I take that back there were definitely dramatic moments and I definitely wanted to vote a few people off the island at times haha but we made it!

J Term is an awesome thing that American International School does for the first two weeks of the second semester.  Students get to choose what course they want to take for two weeks.  Teachers get a change of pace as well because we get to teach courses that we normally do not have the privilege of teaching year around.

I co-taught the Survivor course with Andy & Josiah.  We had 15 students in our course.  Two weeks, with two overnight camping trips and a lot going on in between.

We taught the students how to:

Properly kill, gut, and cook guinea fowl

Rappel off a building

Build a fire with only flint

Cook over an open fire

Street survival skills – We dropped the kids in the largest open air market here in Accra and their teams had taken turns picking items that they were responsible for selling and making a profit on, and that was their money to eat with for the day)

Swimming skills

First Aid skills

Edible and non-edible foods found in the outdoors in Ghana

Shelter building

Many more life lessons were taught in between all of those bigger things.   Below are some pictures from the past two weeks…Enjoy! Oh and P.S. – Just because Bear Grylls did it, does not mean you have to! Two of our students decided to drink their own urine for bonus points for their team.  I reminded the students that Bear was alone wandering in the Sahara desert, not camping on top of a mountain that we hauled water sachet drinking pouches to. Oh middle school students. Gotta love them.

This was my view from the last camping trip…not to shabby! We don’t have a lot of fresh air and green in Accra so it was nice to be out of the ordinary and on top of a mountain.



Our motley crew! Had a blast getting to know theses students over the past two weeks.

Real friends help you scrub guinea fowl blood off the walls of your house because you volunteered to do the demonstration at your house because it is right next door to the school…Natalie you saint you!


So how do you repay your best friend for helping you scrub blood off your house after the killing of the guinea throw her off the 6th floor of your school building during the rappelling lesson.


The real friends train continues…Real friends leave a wedding reception with some of the most prominent people of Ghana to sneak into your campout and bring you chocolate cake.  Mad props to Mallory & Kate for taking a taxi to the campout location and dropping me some goodness.  Cake never tasted so good after killing and eating guinea fowl for dinner with a combination of pasta and anonymous beans and corned beef. Yes they look stunning, and no I am not a homeless coal miner.  Ladies I am forever indebted to you.






The gorgeous sunset over the campfire during our final campout.  Overall it was a great experience and I was so thankful for the opportunity to get to know a different group of students than I usually work with.  It was great to teach other things out of my ordinary college prep and psychology courses.  We had a blast doing life together for two weeks and I look forward to J-Term next year.


One thought on “Survivor

  1. I know the feeling when your dropped off at the market all alone , your mom does that to me at Meijer about every week !
    That’s some scarey stuff !!!
    Oooor Heather Marie ! Your grandpa Jack is looking down giggling I’m sure !

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