Laughable Moments

      Ghana (and the Lord) has a way of keeping me humble.  Last week I was making breakfast for dinner with my roommates and best friend Natalie.  We had just got done discovering that somehow the bugs had managed to get through the Ziploc bag that was double layered and into the box of pancake mix.  No worries called the roommates and another one of mine had a different box, we opened that and yahtzee…no bugs!  I was having a rough day and turned to Natalie and said, “Today I would just like Africa to be easy.” Literally 10 seconds after “Easy” came out of my mouth the power went out and did not come back on for a while.  We looked at each other and laughed.  There was nothing we could do.  I literally yelled out “OK I GET IT GOD THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME HUMBLE AND DEPENDANT ON YOU, THANK YOU, EVEN FOR THIS DISRUPTION.” Natalie and I just continued to laugh at the situation.  We busted out the headlamps; got the matches out to light the gas stove, and proceeded with dinner preparation.  

     Thanksgiving was phenomenal here in Ghana.  If I could not be with my immediate blood family members, it was great to be with my AIS family here in Ghana.  We had the full spread, turkey, stuffing, baked mac n cheese, you name it, somehow people found a way to make it happen in Ghana (I was trying to figure out the entire time where people found these things and why were they holding out until Thanksgiving like it was Y2K or something…Oh well).  Well after our big meal, we decided it would only be appropriate to play a good ole’ American Football game on the new turf at the school.  We walked next door to the school and had our game faces on.  We were playing two hand touch, however it might as well been a full on tackle, WWF wrestling match up.  My sweet friend Kate who is maybe 100 lbs. wet with rocks in her pockets was on the opposing team.  We matched up against each other because, well it was just fun (so I thought) and we laugh a lot when we are together.  Despite her being fast as a ferret, I was up for the challenge.  I figured our size difference would intimidate her.  I have at least a solid 5 inches on her and well let’s just say a few more lbs. as well.  Anyways on a routine play she ran to block me and dropped it like it was hot, BAM…an elbow to my arm.  I have played sports my entire life, I am not a sissy, nor am I dramatic unless it feels like a real injury.  I grabbed my arm and was like  “OWWWWWWW KATE! WOW YOU GAVE ME A DEAD ARM, I CAN’T LIFT MY ARM.”  She laughed a lot and was like stop being dramatic, you are totally joking with me.  I was like man I must have cried wolf too many times with her because this legit hurt.  Anyways we kept playing and I shook it off.  I knew it was coming though.  Sure enough 48 hours later, it appeared, the mark of the beast (Kate the Beast).  This picture was taken more than a week after “The incident” occurred.  A few great things that came from my “injury” were that

1)   Everyone at school took pity on me.  The Librarian thought I had been burned by someone, everyday asking me how I was feeling

2)   I went to Kate’s 4th grade classroom so she could reiterate to her students that if they decided to act out of line, she would take away more than Eagle dollars from them, she would give them a bruise to match Ms. O’Hara’s.  However when we told them the story and the kids were asking me how I obtained my battle wound, they responded with “They are joking, that is colored pencil on Ms. O’Hara’s arm” and one girl shouted at Kate: “Ms. Meadows I thought you were a Christian, why would you do that to your friend?” and other students said it was a fake tattoo, drawn on, and it would not be there tomorrow.  I quickly assured the weary and ye of little faith in the 4th grade classroom of AIS that I would come back tomorrow to prove to them it was still there.   The next day in the hallway a kid shouted “WOW IT WAS A TRUE STORY, IT IS REAL”

3)   My co-workers no matter how many times I told the story or quickly reminded Kate that I still had a bruise from her (which was every opportunity that presented itself), it seems like everyday since the football game and different co-worker still had not heard the story, which led to me re-telling it on many different occasions at staff meetings and gatherings.

4)   I simply loved seeing the facial reactions of parents, students, and co-workers when I told them “Yeah, Kate, you know Ms. Meadows, the 4th grade teacher, little blonde one, yeah SHE DID THIS TO ME.”

Below is a picture of my sweet friend Kate with the wounded, like I said earlier this picture was taken a week or more after “The incident” because trust me this bruise puts a bag of skittles to shame, it had more colors than that:


In other news I went to Cape Coast this past weekend with some sweet friends and had an amazing time just being removed from the daily hustle and bustle of Accra.  More to come on that later in the next post regarding the slave castles, canopy walks, and beach camping.

Looking forward to seeing some of you all in two weeks when I am in the States for 12 days for Christmas.



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