I’m Not Sorry

Today is my last morning in South Africa before heading back to Ghana.  My friend and I went to the mall to pick up a few last minute things.  You know the kind of things you want to smuggle back into a country that charges way too much for granola bars, toiletries, gum, candy, you name it and just about everything costs more in Ghana.  

Then it happened. We turned the corner and it hit me like a fat kid getting hit in a game of dodgeball.  

There was no turning back. I wanted it NOW. I was not getting on the plane back to Ghana and not getting this slice of heaven.  I was the equivalent of a pregnant woman not settling for anything less than her craving of pickles and peanut butter.

Backstory: Ghana has NO GOOD DESSERTS! I have yet to find a place with a dessert that was worth writing home about (or even a blog post), meanwhile all my friends at the other NICS schools are posting pics of precious coffee shops and glorious homemade creations (You know who you are).

So back to the story, there it was like a bug zapper drawing luring in its prey.  Like a lamb being led to the slaughter.  Like a….ok well you get the idea.  It was attractive and I had not seen it in nearly 6 months or more.  It was not even something I ate regularly back in the States but today, everything changed. I. WANTED. IT. NOW.


Up went the gate as they opened and there went my wallet.  I was scrounging through my leftover South African Rand to see how much I could scrounge together to purchase a piece of heaven.  World famous eh? Too bad the world of Ghana has yet to understand and grasp the amazingness that is Cinnabon, however thankfully South Africa has.

We got a 6 pack of Cinnabon for the family I was staying with however, my greedy self wanted my own. So what did I do, I bought a Cinnabon Classic.  Something I could never eat one of on my own at home and I usually ended up giving the rest to my dad or brother. However today was different.  Something in you changes when you know you will not get to taste something like this again for a long while (or at least for the next 30 days before you go home for Christmas).  It had been too long though, too long since my mouth had something so sweet and delicious.  

You think this would be the end of the story however it gets worse.  My friend then asked me on the way home “Were you really serious about wanting to stop and buy some McDonalds Sweet & Sour sauce?” and I said “Serious as a heart attack.”  There we went pulling into the closest McDonalds (Which warmed my heart to simply see, because Ghana has yet to catch on to the phenomenon as well).  I NEVER eat McDonalds back in the States unless I am working at camp and hating my sandwiches packed each day for me, or unless I find myself at home in Ohio and my dad and I want to try to win Monopoly pieces at the rare shot we win the cash or the car.  Often times we would swing through the drive-thru window simply because my mom had a coupon for free fries or something crazy like that.  

I am telling you people…something changes in you when you see something you know you won’t have back in your country.  Something barbaric like that animal instinct rises up in you that makes you leap on your prey and devour it now! So. I. Did.  Don’t judge me this is a judgement free zone people.  I marched up to the counter and said to my friend, I am going to have to order something at least but it is 10 a.m. and they won’t be serving french fries now.  Sure enough though the men in front of me had a large french fry on his tray.

I ordered a small french fry (I am not even a fry person but something about McDonalds french fries time travel me back to my childhood days ) then I ordered a small orange juice (I have been a little under the weather here lately and having some sinus issues so this was justifiable, need my vitamin C right?) but then it happened.  I said to the Afrikaans cashier “This might sound a little weird but can I buy some extra sweet and sour sauce?” too which he said “Ok one extra sweet and sour sauce?” and I said “No sir may I buy at least 10 sweet and sour sauces?”

Yes. This. Is. Real. Life.


This actually happened just now in South Africa.  My friend stood laughing at me.  I said you might laugh now but when you are back in Ghana and I roll up to the Peter Pan restaurant with my own sauce, don’t hate, and don’t be jealous and most certainly don’t ask to borrow any.  The thing about Ghana is that they are huge into Chicken and rice. EVERYWHERE. However their sauce options don’t exist and if they do you must pay out the ear just to have some extra ketchup (ok, ok it is like $.05 but still i find it crazy to pay for extra ketchup when places back home will gladly hand you 20 packets that sit in your car for the next year).

So I am sorry that I am NOT sorry but I had to. I just had to eat Cinnabon and get McDonald’s Sweet & Sour sauce.

It. was. GLORIOUS.

Ghana I will see you tonight. Armed with Granola bars, Biltong (Beef Jerky from South Africa), Marshmallows, McDonalds Sweet & Sour sauce, Tea, and many other great things your country will overcharge me for or not even offer in the grocery stores.

South Africa it was good while it lasted and thank you for comforting my Ex-Pat heart for the past week.





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