Is This Real Life?

      A few days ago I woke up with that feeling of “Where am I?” I opened one eye, looked around and realized I was in Africa and not the States.  I lay there for a while replaying the past 48 hours in my head. I thought wow it would be so much easier for a camera crew to follow me around and document my life here in Ghana, rather than trying to remember it all and write a blog post.  How humble of me, then I realized well that probably would not work and I would only have a few viewers, aka my grandparents.  However I will truly try my best to communicate life here in Ghana to you all.  Africa truly is one of those places you simply need to go experience at some point, however if you cannot like I said earlier, I will try my best to communicate that to you via pictures and words.

      There is so much to catch everyone up on at this point, so I will try my best to make this quick and painless.  I have begun to get all settled in.  My office is still coming along and more decorations need to go up on the walls, but I love the space.  My bedroom at home is decorated and pictures are everywhere to remind me of friends and family back in the states.  My office is on the ground level of the school so that is amazing, however there are five, I repeat five floors to our school.  Let me tell you it is quite the hike to the fifth floor.  We have air conditioners in our classrooms but not the hallways so if I keep making trips to the fourth and fifth floors I will be dropping that “fluffiness” from America that I had gained over the years in my cubicle life at LU.

     I am still not sure if I fathom quite yet that this is real life, at least for the next two years (but let’s be very honest, I have a feeling I will be staying for a while).   Finally being here in Ghana I can truly see God’s hand in where He has taken me and where I am going in this career.  My previous jobs at Liberty University and my program of study have thoroughly prepared me for this moment of actually being in a physical school building as a professional school counselor.  The past three years of college advising and working with 11th grade students at LUOA, I can see how God was shaping me and preparing me.  That is the coolest part is looking back and seeing 20/20 and the how and the why of what I was doing three years ago.  Never did I realize it would prepare me for this. 

      The best part is that when I arrived during orientation I was informed I would be teaching two courses (one per semester).  During my internship last year for my master’s degree I co-taught a College Focus course, well guess what my first semester class is that I am teaching?  Yep, you guessed it a College Focus course. Thank you Lord for giving me that preparation last year at Appomattox High School in the middle of Virginia, for that knowledge and planning to be transferred here to West Africa!  Ahhhh I just love how BIG our God is and how He works everything out according to His plans and not ours.

     School starts Monday.  We have “Back to School Night” tomorrow evening.  This is that moment where the rubber meets the road.  Reminds me of back in high school and we would say: “WHAT TIME IS IT?” and we would all yell “GAME TIME!” So game time has finally arrived and I could not be more pumped! Sidenote…I was also told that I could be the new girls basketball coach if I wanted to be.  My friend Mary has encouraged me to take the position and assured me that she would be my assistant coach (She has four kids and is our marketing director, so coaching basketball for her cannot exactly take the number one priority, otherwise I told her the job was hers).  This is going to be an exciting year!

This is the view from my 5th floor hike up to visit my friends Lisa & Ruth who teach up there:


2 thoughts on “Is This Real Life?

  1. Great updates! So exciting to see God showing you His plan and provision. Love this blog – keep it coming. Love you!!!!

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